Brain App
I couldn't get through the day without this App. It is soo great!
[Jabala, iPhone App Store, Denmark]

Happy Customer
Still one of the best brain apps around and I'm totally happy with this purchase, the updates keep getting better and better and the games are fun to play. Look forward to seeing more games and features in the future!
[Appl3Fr3ak, Mac App Store, Australia]

Great App
Great tool for playing with on the plane
[Jon Halestrap, iPad App Store, UK]

Brain App
Love it, my husband and I are competing!
[mimiroxatclc, iPhone App Store, UK]

Great app for the brain
Good app to lubricate your brain, I use this app twice a day on the train, once in the morning and once on the way home, very addictive. Almost missed my station on two occasions. Love it.
[Hextagon, iPhone App Store, Australia]

Brainy stuff :)
Great app, easy to use and keeps the grey matter ticking over!
[1970clea, iPhone App Store, UK]

Nice To Have!
This is a great app to have! It's great that you can exercise your brain when you have some down time.
[J-Bone, iPhone App Store, USA]

Excellent app
I think this app has a cool interface and really encourages fast thinking when solving math equations. Highly recommended!
[zjhy, iPhone App Store, USA]

Really enjoy this Brain app it fun and challenging. It keeps me sharp!
[J6093R, iPhone App Store, USA]

Brain App+
Learning and fun at same time!
[Chuck795, iPhone App Store, USA]

Great Game!
Simple concept that is well executed and polished. Very addictive and has become one of my favorite brain training games!
[Tent Peg, iPad App Store, Australia]

Very good
Kids love it, thank you!
[Digger0012007, iPhone App Store, UK]

Brain App
I really like this app, and hope that more new games are added soon
[Queen Bess, iPhone App Store, Australia]

Honestly brilliant! I absolutely love it. It's a great app with plenty to keep you hooked whatever age you are. I didn't realise how bad my math skills were until I purchased Brain App! Fantastic design, great colours, really fun to play. It's great for a quick test if you're short of time or can keep you playing for hours on end to try and beat your top score. All in all a top app! Keep up the great work!
[Pete Broadbridge, Mac App Store, UK]

Love this App.
[Cunninghamma, iPad App Store, USA]

Great update
Use this app everyday 60seconds a day. Love the update. Sweet app!
[super8sean, iPhone App Store, USA]

A great game!
If you love brain training and want to keep you brain alive and responsive, Brain app will not disappoint you at all. I found it fun and stimulating at the same time, two factors that do not always go hand in hand!
[foxmulderino, iPhone App Store, Italy]

Excellent! Useful app to sharpen my brain functioning.
[Kitachica, iPhone App Store, Australia]

I like it
It's a really good app to keep you thinking.
[Spartanofchrist, iPhone App Store, USA]

Great app
Love it! Very addictive.
[Starlita22, iPhone App Store, USA]

Simple, but challenging.
[Gedi & Chris, iPad App Store, Australia]