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What is Brain App?

Brain App makes daily brain exercise accessable and fun. You can enjoy a selection of exercises in 30 or 60 second bursts. Each activity targets a key brain exercise area. Enjoyed by more than 80,000 users all over the globe, Brain App is a great way to exercise your brain and have fun!

Just like physical exercise can keep your body healthy, regular mental exercise can help to keep your brain working at its best. The concept 'brain exercise' or 'brain training' is new, but studies are already showing promising results related to frequent formal brain exercise.

Brain App Exercises
Speed Math Balloon Burst Missing Signs Card Count Color Chaos Shape Shift
Brain App for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone.

Press Reviews

"If you’re a fan of popular games like Brian Age and Big Brain Academy, then Brain App is the game for you!  Hands down a 5 star app that everyone should download and practice at least once a day!" AppDictions

"Brain App is a fun, challenging brain game for your Windows Phone. The exercises are challenging enough to keep you interested but not too challenging to make you frustrated." WPCentral

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Beaten only by Microsoft's Wordament. Brain App came 2nd place for Educational Game of the Year.


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