Privacy Policy

This document details the information that Brain App may request from you, and how that information is used.

Brain App does not currently collect any information that could be used to personally identify you.

Scores set in the game, including your Brain App IQ score are stored on your device as well as Xbox Live if you choose to login to the service. In this case, your scores are also backed up to Microsoft’s systems to facilitate cross-save capabilities, this ensures that you are able to smoothly continue playing Brain App on an Xbox and a Windows PC. Our Xbox Live integration was designed in a way that makes it possible to opt out of using the service by closing the pop-up that prompts you to sign in to Xbox Live.

Brain App is built on the Unity game engine platform. As such, some anonymous data about the device which you are using can be collected and stored by Unity for analytics purposes. This may include information about the hardware of your device (eg. CPU type, RAM, Graphics chipset), or about the software on your device (eg. the version number of Android/iOS/Windows/macOS you are using).